Introducing Cadabra

As DeFi has evolved, several passive yield opportunities have emerged, including liquid staking, yield farms, and lending protocols, as well as many others. However, maximizing your yield outcome comes with challenges:

  • Product Variability: The wide range of DeFi products requires extensive research to identify the most profitable yield options. This demands a significant time investment to stay informed about the ever-changing market dynamics.

  • Overhead costs: Actively rebalancing your portfolio between protocols and various tokens, as well as doing compounding manually can quickly drain all potential benefits due to transaction gas costs, and swap fees.

  • Entry Barrier: The entry barrier to DeFi is increasing, demanding newcomers to invest substantial time in studying the fundamental information.

In other words: you can receive the passive yield, but are you sure it’s optimal? And how to keep up with market conditions that change every day?

That's why we created Cadabra. Cadabra is the gateway to the optimal passive yield in DeFi: we aggregate all potential , assess their risk score, and combine them into simple, yet effective automated .

Our strategies aim to guarantee continuity of passive yield: for a given asset (or a group of assets) a strategy will find the most profitable protocols now and in the future. That means you don’t have to worry about relocating your liquidity anymore as you will always receive the maximum possible yield available.

All strategies are risk-adjusted. For example, if you opt for a conservative strategy, your funds will only be allocated to the most reliable and secure protocols. This allows anyone to find a strategy with their preferred APY/risk balance.

With Cadabra, you can be sure you won't miss any opportunity for higher yield!

Another aspect that makes Cadabra unique is the new tokenomic model, which as we believe will transform the entire DeFi industry. We designed the tokenomics that aims to benefit everyone: strategy users, holders of our token, and long term stakers.

Over the past few years, many DeFi projects have used the same tokenomics model: incentivise users to provide liquidity and to buy project’s tokens by showing high APR numbers, which were supported by the emission of the same tokens. Details may vary, but the main principle remains the same: mint tokens to display APR numbers that look great. But as a result it all comes down to just one thing: the token is going down in price.

We, on the other hand, created a new model of tokenomics, one that breaks this vicious circle and doesn't rely on the perpetual issuance of new tokens but instead ensures that all rewards are supported by actual profits.

In short, we solved systematic limitations faced by most current DeFi projects:

  1. We use real rewards and don’t rely on liquidity incentives

  2. Our token has one moment emission without perpetual minting

  3. The entire supply of our tokens was only once, with most of it immediately allocated on the open market.

  4. All rewards given by our protocol are backed by real profits.

Cadabra is designed for both new and experienced DeFi users.

Let Automation Boost Your Yields

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