Referral program

Increase your profit even further with Cadabra’s referral program.
The referral program at Cadabra rewards users who refer others to lock ABRA by providing the referrer with a percentage of the rebates received by their referrals.
The program works on top of ABRA token locking: when a user locks ABRA tokens, they receive an immediate one-time rebate (see Personal staking rebates). If a user has joined Cadabra using a referral link, then the referrer who brought them in will receive a percentage of their rebate.
Earn rewards by inviting your audience to join Cadabra. When someone you've invited locks ABRA, you both receive rewards. To invite someone, give them your referral link, and if they link their wallet and sign our Terms of Service they will be added to your referral tree.
The main benefits of ABRA locking are:
  • Locked ABRA earns governance rights over protocol development.
  • You receive one-time personal locking rebate.
  • ABRA lockers receive additional rewards:
    • They share Cadabra's platform performance fees
    • Receive yield from protocol-owned liquidity
    • They can participate in referral program

Referral Rank

The amount you earn as a referrer depends on your referrer rank, which is determined by your total locked ABRA amount. The more ABRA you currently have locked in, the higher your rank, and the greater percentage of the rebates you receive from your referrals.
ABRA in lock
>= 312
>= 1562
>= 6250
>= 15625
>= 31250
You can reach your rank by locking different amounts of ABRA for various durations. If a portion of your lock expires, the expired amount is deducted from your total locked balance, which could cause your rank to be downgraded. For example, if you locked your tokens for 1 month and achieved the Archmage level, your rank will be downgraded after this 1-month period. To avoid downgrade you can either extend your lock, or just lock for a longer period (and receive higher rebates for that).

Referrer Rewards

When a referred user locks ABRA, the referrer earns a percentage of the referred user's personal rebate.
There are 2 levels of referrals in the program:
  • Direct referrals (Level 1): users who joined Cadabra through your referral link
  • Secondary referrals (Level 2): users who joined Cadabra through the link of your direct referrals.
Earned rewards are determined by the Referral Rank which itself determines how much percent of the referred user rebate are received by the referrer.
Level 1
Level 2
For example, if you have an Archmage level and one of your directly referred users locks 1000 ABRA tokens for one year and receives a 200 ABRA personal rebate, you as the referrer are entitled to 30% of those 200 tokens, which is 60 ABRA.
If a second level user you indirectly referred locks 1000 ABRA and receives 200 ABRA as a rebate, then you get 10% of that (20 ABRA tokens) as your referral reward.

Referral rewards

If you are a referred user, you earn an additional 2% to your uAPY (unlock APY) when you lock ABRA. This means if you joined through a referral link and lock ABRA, you immediately receive extra rewards based on the amount and duration of your lock.
The referral reward tokens come from a pool of 15% of the total ABRA supply reserved for this purpose. This pool is also used for individual locking rebates. There is no time limit on the pool - bonuses can be paid out for any lock made until the pool is fully exhausted.