Funds are deposited into a strategy using the token of your choice. We automatically convert your tokens into tokens accepted by the strategy. For example you can deposit USDT into an ETH derivatives strategy and internally your tokens will be converted into one of the derivatives, e.g. sfrxETH. The conversion is conducted via 1inch liquidity aggregator to guarantee the best exchange rate. If the strategy has multiple yield sources, the funds are automatically allocated to the most profitable source available at the time.
Please note that gas costs for deposit transactions can vary greatly, from a few cents to hundreds of dollars, depending on the complexity of the third-party protocols, the number of swap hops, and overall blockchain congestion. For smaller deposits, as an alternative to the gas-intensive process of forming new strategy tokens through direct deposits, it may be more cost effective to just simply buy tokens of the desired strategy. You can buy strategy tokens in ABRA liquidity pools directly or use invest options on ABRA Token page.
See details about Liquidity Pools​