ABRA is the governance and utility token of the Cadabra platform
Total number of minted ABRA tokens is 13,333,337. Once all tokens have been minted, there never will be new emissions of any kind.
ABRA is multichain token and is using LayerZero’s Omnichain Fungible Token standard and is transferable between the following supported networks:
  • BNB Smart Chain (Initial network)
  • Arbitrum
  • OP Mainnet
  • Polygon
  • Ethereum
ABRA token has a few main utility proposes:
ABRA is the reward token. Like most DeFi projects, we deliver platform rewards in the native token. Unlike most, we only distribute actual profits, but not newly minted tokens.
ABRA is a governance token. Locking ABRA earns veABRA, enabling you to influence platform growth as part of the DAO.
ABRA accumulates profit.
veABRA holders receive a share of all collected profits proportional to their veABRA.
ABRA is a store of value. The token represents real assets and is partially backed by strategy liquidity. It has a deflationary design intended to increase in value over time. ABRA acts as a yield-bearing multichain index.
ABRA is part of Referral program. The referral program rewards Cadabra users who refer others to lock ABRA tokens by giving referrers a percentage of the tokens locked by their referrals.
ABRA is an assistant and shortcut to manage funds across strategies and chains. It allows easy, cheap adjustments to rebalance positions and to increase profits or alter risk levels.

Token Details

Ticker: ABRA, BSC Adress: 0xcA1c644704feBf4ab81f85daca488d1623C28e63
Standard: ERC-20 LayerZero’s Omnichain Fungible Token standard
Max Supply: 13,333,337 ABRA
Public Launch Allocation (65%): 8,666,669 ABRA
Public launch price: $0.25

Token Distribution

See details about Distribution (TGE)

Token lock up scheduling

See details about Distribution (TGE)