Most of the pools owned by Cadabra are strategy pools, where tokens of various strategies are paired with ABRA. The only exception is the ABRA/USDT pool which is used as a relay for all the swaps to/from ABRA. This pool is used whenever you want to swap a token of your choice to ABRA, or when you want to sell ABRA for any other token.

Initial allocation

To ensure a fair initial distribution and pump’n’dump protection an Uniswap V3 pool was used for the initial liquidity allocation. ABRA is allocated within preset price bands. Providing initial supply via V3 allows building a custom price curve, ensuring that:

  1. No one can buy most of the ABRA supply for just a couple hundred thousands dollars.

  2. The price will rise steadily.

  3. Liquidity is allocated in such a way as to incentivize early buyers, but don't cause an exponential price increase, preventing pump’n’dump schemes.

Most of the ABRA’s supply is allocated in strategy pools, this is done to link ABRA with yield-bearing liquidity and a fraction of the supply is allocated to the ABRA/USDT pool to provide liquidity that will be used as a gateway for all ABRA related swaps.

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